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Please read the tips below and take them into consideration while using

Sell without risks.

While selling:

  • Leave detailed and truthful description of the goods,
  • specify methods of payment and receipt of lots.

When sending lots by mail, always follow the post office rules and do not neglect the insurance for the parcels.

Buy without risks.

Before you buy a lot:

  • check the feedback of seller,
  • carefully read the description of the lot,
  • read the proposed method of payment and receipt of the lot.

If you have questions, ask them to the seller.

Protect your Computer.

  • Use anti-virus software,
  • Do not open unknown links, files.

Protect your data.

  • Use a strong password,
  • Never tell anyone your password,
  • Before you enter your username and password, make sure you enter the data exactly on the site

Do not let strangers into your apartment.

If you are going to meet with the seller or buyer, never give them your address or invite them to your apartment. Better meet them in a crowded place.

Internet cafe? Do not save your password.

You visit from a public computer? In such cases do not save your password. 

Be vigilant when someone introduces himself as the administrator of

Under no circumstances give out your password, even if the request came from someone who introduced himself as the administrator of never asks for a password. If you receive such a request, please let us know.

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