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1. Subject of the Agreement

2. Price and payment terms

3. Entry into force

4. The rights and obligations of the parties

5. Responsibilities of the Parties 

6. Limitation of Liability 

7. Privacy

8. Final Provisions

Parties to this Agreement (hereinafter - "Agreement") are:


an individual and/or legal entity who, in accordance with the requirements of the civil legislation of RA, is acknowledged as a party of the civil relations (hereinafter - the User).

In accordance with this Agreement, provides Users with the use of the site for posting information about products (services) for subsequent purchases or sales of various goods and services by other users. 


1.1. The subject of this Agreement is to allow users with access to the Internet, to post information about the intention to sell or buy various goods or services by posting relevant information on the site


2.1. User is not charged for registration, as well as for placement offer for sale or requests to purchase goods and services. 

2.2. The Stores and Boutiques that wish to have their own pages created at, need to make an annual payment to The price is settled by negotiations between the parties.


3.1. The date of this Agreement is the time the user clicks the "Register" button located on the top and bottom of the website. You hereby acknowledge your agreement with all terms of this Agreement.

3.2. Individuals and legal entities that cooperate with in any other way, also confirm the acceptance of the terms of this Agreement.


4.1. User may: 

4.1.1. post offers to sell or buy goods and services on the site;

4.1.2. make bids, negotiate about terms and make transactions with other users;

4.1.3. evaluate and comment on the actions of other Users;

4.1.4. exchange experience with other Users through the electronic communications, while respecting the rules of the site; 

4.1.5. remove your goods or services for sale. 

4.1.6. have an individual account on the website

4.2. User agrees to:

4.2.1. comply with the Privacy Policy, Conditions of Use and other rules of,

4.2.2. not to place on announcements for the sale or purchase of goods and services, which are prohibited by the laws and regulations of RA,

4.2.3. not to place on names or information about other websites or advertise other websites in any way,

4.2.4. in good faith fulfill the commitments that were undertaken both for the site in the process of using the services of the latter, and for other users (in the case of making the deals with the latter),

4.2.5. not to place the items on the first page of the site - by artificially activating them,

4.2.6 not use the any program, as well as other automatic device, to copy Web pages of or its contents, without the prior written permission of;

4.2.7. not use any devices or software to interfere or attempt to interfere with the normal functioning of the, or the course of trades;

4.3. has the right to:

4.3.1. with the provisions of paragraph 4.4.3, at its sole discretion impose, revoke or modify the fees provided by the’s services;

4.3.2. edit and/or remove from the site any information of the Users, including offers for sale and purchase, if it is in contrary with this Agreement or with the current legislation of RA, as well as in other cases at the discretion of;

4.3.3. use and dispose any information provided by the Users; use of this information is on the non-exclusive conditions, for an indefinite period and has no territorial limits;

4.3.4. suspend or terminate the registration and User’s access to the site, if has reasons to assume that the User is an illegal activity;

4.3.5. determine the rating for each User. Basis for the determination of the Ratings are feedbacks of other Users;

4.3.6. restrict or terminate User’s access to the site, if User’s rating is equal to or less than "1” star;

4.4. agrees to:

4.4.1. provide to registered Users access to the information from other Users about the purchase and sale of goods and services posted on the site;

4.4.2. post applications of the registered Users on the site about buying or selling goods and services;

4.4.3. in the case of the imposition, cancellation or change of the fees provided by, notify Users in advance by changing this Agreement;

4.4.4. not to provide information obtained from Users (including email addresses) to third parties for sending unsolicited commercial information ("spam").


5.1. For non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of their obligations under this Agreement, the Parties shall bear responsibility in accordance with RA legislation.

5.2. User is responsible for the accuracy and compliance of the information it provides to

5.3. If becomes aware of a substantial violation of the Terms of this Agreement, may apply the following sanctions to such Users:

  • Warning,
  • warning and restriction of access to the site,
  • termination of access to the site


6.1 is not responsible for the consuming properties of goods and services offered for sale on the site, as well as their legitimacy to be placed on sale.

6.2 is not liable for the actions of Users.

6.3 is not responsible for the accuracy of information posted by Users on the site, as well as for the legality of its placement. 

6.4 is not liable for interruptions in service due to technical disruptions in hardware and software. However, shall take all reasonable measures to prevent such disruptions.


7.1. is obliged to keep confidential and not to disclose information it has received from Users when they register, and when the Users edits their details (this does not apply to the information which is necessary for completing the transactions).

7.2. User agrees to keep confidential and not disclose information about their password. If the information about the User's password for one reason or another will become available to third parties, the User agrees to immediately change it.

7.3. User agrees to keep confidential and not disclose information to third parties about other Users, which they have obtained in the process of correspondence, transactions or in any other way.


8.1. Any dispute between the parties will be settled by negotiations. 

8.2. If the parties are not able to settle the disputes in the course of negotiations, the disputes will be settled according to RA legislation. 

8.3. has the right to make amendments to this Agreement at any time, by posting the new version of the Agreement at the site. 

8.4. In case the Users do not agree with the new terms and conditions of the Agreement, they have the right to unilaterally decline it, with the assumption that the Users lose the right to use

8.5. If after the amendments the Users continue using, they are considered to have agreed with the new terms and conditions.

8.6. If not stated otherwise in this Agreement, any appeal made to the Customer Service Department or to the site administration should be directed through the email:

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